Kitchen Inspection and 3 Way Mushroom

Seeing as your children are cooks, it seems only natural to visit their place of work, and pay special attention to the work that happens behind the scenes.

It seemed only natural that my parents wanted to inspect the kitchen, it is, after all, the heart of the home (or workplace in our case).

Laocook Kitchen

Junior discusses the finer points of cuisine with Monica.

Laocook Kitchen 2

A kind of hush falls upon the kitchen as my mother enters.

Laocook Kitchen 3

My father quickly has a look at “What is going on…”

Laocook Kitchen 4

A sigh of relief as we are given the “Okay, good job, carry on..” speach… šŸ˜‰


We prepared a special menu for my parents, letting them try the “New Style” followed by the “Old Style”.

One dish that they commented on was our “3 Way Mushroom” Amuse Bouche.

4 Way Mushroom

Smoked Butter SautĆ©ed Shimeji, “Boletus” Cream and Mushroom Foam.

White Truffle Oil is added at the last moment to give it an added “Earthy” taste.

Mushroom Foam Laocook

The Foam is made with Mushroom scraps that have been simmered with a light Chicken Stock throughout the afternoon. It is then strained and reduced further, before we add some Double Cream cut with Whole Milk (60%-40). A hand blender is then used to “froth up” the sauce before spooning in to our bowls. The resulting “Foam” is light yet full of flavour.

Happily, we got the “Seal of Approval” from my parents. Looks like we must be doing something right… šŸ™‚


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