Work Experience.

We would like to welcome Monique (now fondly called Monica by the Laocook team) to our kitchens.

Monica is a self professed addict to cuisine and is French born of Lao and Viet descent. Having completed an internship in a well known French Restaurant, she asked if she could join the A-Team and gain some Work Experience.

Monica King Laocook

King explains the technique of cleaning a whole Tenderloin.

Monica appreciates the development of Asiatic foods. An ardent lover of traditional cuisine, she is embracing the creativity of modern cooking.

Asked why she wanted to join Laocook, she said it was because;

“I love the audacity of presenting Lao foods with modern presentation and cooking methods”.

Monica Amuse Bouche Laocook

Monica gets to grips with our Amuse Bouche of the day, Chorizo Puree with Maggi, Poached Quail Eggs, Crispy Bacon and Shallot Bread Crumbs.

Monica Stars Laocook

Getting our Dried Star Fruits ready.

Star Fruit Laocook

These will be slow dried in the oven until crispy and used as garnishes for our “sweet things”.


Also this Easter Weekend, my Mother and Father took a few days off from their hectic schedule to join us us for a weekend, which meant a lot of eating and drinking…

Mum and Dad Laocook

If there ever was a good reason to eat out everyday, it is when your parents are here…. šŸ™‚

Asia House Lunch Laocook

No visit to Spain would be complete without a lunch at the Asia House.

Khamhoung and the rest of the team prepared a lovely lunch, using loads of fine herbs and veggies, Tum Mhak Houng, Som Moo, Larb etc…

Whilst the rest of Europe is experiencing cold storms and snow, we are enjoying the afternoon sun (and light breeze)….


That evening we decided to make some Vietnamese Style Amuse Bouche for our diners.

Viet Rolls Laocook

Finger thin Vietnamese Style Fresh Rolls filled with King Prawn, Noodles, Egg and Herbs.

Viet Rolls Fresh Laocook

Served in Shot Glasses with Sweet Chilli and Jerez “Reserva” Vinegar Sauce.

Easy to eat. Just the way we like it… šŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Work Experience.

  1. Mon, je suis super heureuse de te voir en live et de lire tous ces commentaires. Tu m’impressionnes. Bravo et dis bonjour au soleil espagnol de notre part !

  2. Bravo indeed. I ventured down to taste the wares of the Lao Cooks last week and came away with tingling taste buds. I only ate once in the Asia restaurant (it was closed for the other 2 nights i was there) and everything that hit my plate was delicious. A special mention to 2 dishes: the sushi, and the chicken lao style with sauces. The presentation was impeccable, the tastes were well balanced, the textures were spot on, and the service was right up to a 5* restaurant.

    Well done to all the team and I look forward to coming back again soon.


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