Salt of the Earth and A New Interpretation of Octopus

We all need Salt. I personally have about 15 types of Salt at home.

A good quality Salt shouldn’t taste “salty”. I know that sounds weird, but it is true. Spending a few extra Euros can reap culinary wonders, plus the Salt lasts ages.

On our 2 Teppanyaki Tables, we like to offer various Salts for sprinkling over our mini Beef Tenderloins (Fillet Steaks).

Salt Laocook

From left to right, Original (and perhaps the best) Maldon Salt, Tea Smoked Salt, Wood Smoked Salt, American Black Salt, and Rosé Salt.

Each Salt lends an individual taste to the finished dish.

Salt Laocook 2

If you come across a nice salt in your local stores, do pick some up, and you will notice the difference to the usual Table Salt variety. And you will probably thank me for it later… 🙂


I have always enjoyed Octopus, whether it is used in Sushi or the extremely popular Spanish “Pulpo a la Gallega”.

I have already worked that dish once. That was more of a “fusion style” dish, but this time I wanted to remain faithful to the original ingredients, yet present it in a modern, yet Asiatic way.

One day, whilst working on our Padek Crackers, I went out for a quick lunch. As usual, I ordered a “Tapa” of “Pulpo”. It was then (as is many times, when you least expect it) that it hit me. Why not make a Cracker out of Octopus? I wasn’t quite sure whether it had been done before (I am sure it has somewhere), but it seemed like a good idea.

After several attempts, I decided that the best results came from skinning the Octopus before using it. Now let me tell you, skinning a raw Octopus is not easy. Slithery is the word that springs to mind!.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made up a batch of Octopus Crackers, using the same technique as for our Padek Crackers, but increasing the weight of our 8 legged cephalopod to ½ kilo.

Next I decided to make a puree from the potatoes, mixed with Olive Oil and (the cooking) water. Paprika Salt added some colour.

Laocook Pulpo

The Crackers are wonderful on their own, but I always serve them with the Potato, like a homage to the original dish that I am very fond of.


2 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth and A New Interpretation of Octopus

  1. hi, i’m writing from Spain (Barcelona) and I have another special octopus receipt. I’ve recently begun with the Bulli restaurant Textures and I made an pimenton air. Do you know what I mean? If you have a look here… you can see what I mean. This productos of the Bulli (Ferrán Adriá) are very special. I have done esferics and false caviar. It’s very funny.
    Your blog seems very interesting. I’ll read it slowlier.
    regards from Spain

  2. Hola Astrid, and welcome to

    We love your adventures in food from your blog, very interesting indeed.

    Cuisine is an international language, and we share a common goal.

    Yes, Texturas from elBulli are very interesting, and we sometimes use the products in our preparations. We are so glad that new waves are being made in cuisine, makes our work more interesting and challenging.

    I think that we are lucky to be living in these times, for me it is the best time to be eating out and experiencing new flavours and textures.

    What flavours did you make your Caviar?

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