Bacon and Eggs, Marinated Salmon and Black & Grey Salt.

Eggs come in all shapes and sizes. I like to use Quail Eggs because they are small and easy to eat. Gone in a mouthful. A perfect way to start a meal.

Poached Quail Eggs Laocook

A great way to serve them is to poach them. After a brief plunge in simmering water, we give them an ice bath to stop the cooking. They can then be stored in the fridge until needed. Before serving, they are placed in to warm (50ºC) water, which is just enough to warm them through without further cooking the liquid yolk.

Eggs and Bacon Laocook

Bacon and Eggs.

A creamy sauce made from Smoked Bacon, Crispy Bacon and Poached Quail Egg. As I said earlier, gone in a mouthful. 🙂


This week has seen us preparing Marinated Salmon.

Marinated Salmon Laocook

I have got the recipe down to 1 cup of Sugar to ¾ cup of Sea Salt, plus pounded Jamaican Peppers, Juniper Berries, Pink and Black Peppercorns, and about two packets of Dill per whole Salmon.

Marinated Salmon Laocook 2

Marinated Salmon Laocook 3

The Salmons will now stay weighted down in the fridge for about 3 days. The end result will be a slightly sweet Marinated Salmon, which is great served on Shallot Toasts.


Our “Amuse Bouche Mis en Place”.

Amuse Bouche Mis En Place Laocook

Shimeji Mushrooms have a wonderful “woody” flavour.

Shimeji Mushrooms Laocook

They are lightly sautéed in Smoked Butter, which helps the flavour and texture along.

Truffle Oil Laocook

A few tiny drops of Truffle Oil adds an elegant touch.

Black Salt Laocook

We top off the dish with our new favourite ingredient, Black & Grey Sea Salt.


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