Cream of Ceps and Garlic with Shimeji & Sesame Octopus with Chorizo

I am always happy when diners ask if they can have another Amuse Bouche. One of our best tit-bits is our Cream of Ceps and Garlic with Shimeji mushroom.

Cream of Ceps and Garlic with Shemiji Mushroom Laocook

The powerful aromatic flavour of Ceps are mixed with Roasted Garlic, smoked butter and cream. Chopped Chives partner the subtle Garlic taste. Small dots of Truffle Oil help the delicate Shimeji along. All is scooped up in two teaspoons, unless you ask for another one, then it is four… 😉

Another small piece that is doing well is our Sesame Octopus with Chorizo.

Sesame Octopus with Chorizo Laocook

What looks like a small amount of Chorizo Cream actually packs an unexpected yet welcome punch. The Octopus has been marinated in Sweet Miso, wiped clean and covered with Toasted Sesame Seeds, which sits on top of a Dashi stewed Daikon slice.

There are so many individually made components to this small dish, with pieces coming from every sector of the kitchen. It is put together in seconds, buts takes a whole day to prepare. That is dedication. 😉


It was Kuchi´s birthday last week, but seeing as we were busy, we never had time to take him out. So last night we decided to all go out and have a few beers and an easy meal.

Kuchi Birthday Laocook

King and Kuchi, with the first of many drinks…

No use in asking him “how old are you?”, he will never tell you….. 😉

Because Kuchi loves a good Nhem, we made up some Laocook Som Moo for him.

Laocook Som Moo for Kuchi

Now all he has to do is make the Nhem for us…. 😆


3 thoughts on “Cream of Ceps and Garlic with Shimeji & Sesame Octopus with Chorizo

  1. Happy belated birthday to Kuchi. The only thing that is missing is Beer Lao to go with LC Som Moo and Nhem. 🙂

    They are selling Beer Lao here, I’ll order some and drink it all for Kuchi okay.

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