Sriracha Style Sauce

No doubt you have all seen the (almost iconic) bottles of Sriracha Chilli Sauce in Asian stores and eateries (especially the Phö Houses).

Sriracha Chilli Sauce originates from the Thai coastal town which it is named after (Si Racha), and is now a generic name for the red hot sauce that is much loved in SE Asia and closer to home.

In good old Laocook fashion, we decided to make our own. 🙂

The main ingredients are Chilli, Garlic, Vinegar (we used Jerez Reserva), Salt and Sugar. We also used a variety of Chillies for our version, the hot Thai Chillies grown in my garden (stored in the freezer), Scotch Bonnet (imported from London), and Spanish Chillies (for the colour).

Like the original, we have used no artificial flavourings or conservatives.

Laocook Sriracha

We only made a small batch, which has now finished (seems that all the staff, not only the A-Team enjoy some Chilli Sauce with their lunch…).



Seeing as our Sushi Bar is at the entrance to the dining room, most of our diners like to start their meal off with a selection of Sushi. We like to offer freshly made up Sushi Platters, that way all the table can sample the various delicacies that we have to offer, and also gives Kuchi a chance to improvise.

Kuchi Sushi Laocook

Kuchi Sushi. 🙂


The other night we got a chance to finish early and decided to head off to a local restaurant (the Spanish eat very late here). When I called the restaurant, the owner and dear friend said he would save us a couple of cuts of Sirloin.

I didn’t think that two cuts would be enough for three of us, that was until they presented the cuts to us for inspection.


No, we are not going to eat the tobacco, its there to show you a size comparison, and yes, the cigarettes belong to me…! 😦

There was enough meat for six of us!.

Seeing as there were only three of us (and Suri eats a lot!), we just managed to get through all of the meat, washed down with two and a half bottles of wine….

The meat was cooked at the table on a hot stone, and served very, very rare. 🙂


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