Sardine and Chicken Skin

An unlikely pair, but well suited together. 🙂

Marinated Sardines are easy to make and have a wonderful taste. After cleaning them, you don’t have to hang around and search for all the little fish bones as marinading them will make them soft and unnoticeable.

Sardine and Chicken Skin

Crispy Chicken skin is a treat. Whenever we roast chicken or make a Ping Gai, the skin is my favourite part. Sometimes I am shocked when people put the skin to one side and don’t eat it, but my friends know me and always offer me their share. 🙂

When I was younger and used to visit KFC with my school mates, they always had to pay “Chicken Skin Tax!!” 😉

Those were the days…. 😎

In our small dish is a velvety soft Pumpkin Puree, Raisins steeped in Yakitori Sauce, Crispy Chicken Skin and half a fillet of Marinated Sardine. It is a lovely combination, best enjoyed with a crisp Chardonnay.



5 thoughts on “Sardine and Chicken Skin

  1. Looks good. I wish that was mustard though instead of Pumpkin, because cold chicken with dijon tastes great.

    On another note, Vienne, would you mind adding my site to your blog roll? I talk about Lao stuff once in a while…

  2. Thanks Elgin, I think that the Mustard is a good idea, but it would definitely clash with the Sardine.

    Your site had been added to the Blog Roll.


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