Tamarind & Salt Cocktail, Yolk with Red Pepper, Avocado with Caviar.

Our Tamarind & Salt Cocktail has four flavours, which are melded together. A thickish Tamarind Pulp is at the bottom of the glass, a few sprinklings of Sea Salt, then a refreshing juice followed by a sweet Pineapple Air.

Tamarind and Salt Cocktail Laocook

Tamarind & Salt Cocktail.

The use of the straw allows the diner to sample the above flavours, in reverse order. Firstly, the sour Pulp is sucked up, followed by the saltiness of the Sea Salt, which will sweeten the initial sourness of the Pulp, then comes the refreshing juice, lastly followed by the Pineapple Air. It is meant to be sucked up in one go, and play kind tricks on the palate. 🙂


No doubt the best part of an egg is the Yolk. When I eat fried eggs, I always like to leave the Yolk until last!. I love the richness of a runny Yolk.

The thick Red Pepper soup is a Spanish idea. Roasted Red Peppers are skinned and deseeded, before being blitzed with old bread and flavoured with “Reserva” Sherry Vinegar, Garlic, Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Yolk has been separated from the egg white and poached in the oven which has been set at 60º.

Yolk with Red Pepper Laocook

Yolk with Red Pepper.

Crushed Pine Kernels with Salt, Chives and Truffle Oil finish this small dish.


This next dish is a pure indulgence in creaminess.

Ripe Avocado has been blitzed with Lime Juice and Milk to create a thick and heavy cream. The Croutons are made with normal sandwich bread that has been brushed with Shallot Oil and baked in the oven.

The mixture is then spooned on to a small bowl and crowned with Crème Fraîche and Caviar.

Avocado with Caviar Laocook

Avocado with Caviar.

As it is a very heavy dish, it has to be served in small portions, and anyway, it has to be small because the Caviar is expensive! 😉


2 thoughts on “Tamarind & Salt Cocktail, Yolk with Red Pepper, Avocado with Caviar.

  1. Do you poach the egg yolk in stock?  I used to do that with my ramen soups (yikes!).  I separated the yolk from the white and cook the yolk in the stock, and add the white later as it needs very little cooking.  Then I would have delicious ramen with flavorful egg balls.

  2. I like those tamarind drinks by the way. 

    My mother boiled down a bunch of tamarind once to make a preserve, and one of the byproducts was a tamarind syrup.  Let me tell you, it sure beat lemonade!  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, it was also very much a laxative…

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