Shark with Egg & Tuna with Cheese

It has been a busy week in the kitchens, and we have been hard at work getting some new dishes ready for our Summer “Aharn” Menu.

Shark with Egg.

Shark with Egg Laocook

Wafer thin slices of Shark, Tamarind Sauce and Quail Egg.

The hardest part of this dish is separating the Quail Yolk from the Egg White. Because everything on this dish is raw, we have to use really fresh eggs, which means that the Egg White is more thicker and encases the Yolk, thus making it tricky to separate, (thats why fresh eggs should be used in poaching, the older the egg, the more watery the White will be) especially when working with such small eggs.

Basically, we have to wash the White and Yolk under slow running water, until it separates, without damaging the precious Yolk.


Tuna with Cheese.

Tuna and Cheese Laocook

Tastes better than it sounds. šŸ˜‰

We use Goats Cheese, which has a smooth texture and is not too overpowering. The Chives and sprig of Dill give this small dish a herby aroma. In our first version we used grated Ginger, but we found the ginger flavour too overwhelming.


5 thoughts on “Shark with Egg & Tuna with Cheese

  1. thanks for your visiting of my Flickr. hope i also see yours there. your dishes are always art. and your angle of pics are also cool. they attracts so many i guess.
    i am a bit lazy these days but pretty fine.
    have a nice week & ciao !

  2. i’d like to try the tuna with cheese. i like how you sliced it.

    Ā i’ve never had raw shark so it looks a bit intimidating to have not just raw shark, but raw yolk on top of it!

  3. Hola Keiko, sad to see that you have stopped blogging, but the pics on Flickr are nice!.

    Hola Elgin, raw shark sounds worse than it bite (pun intended). It has a clean taste which goes well with the sauce, the raw yolk is just lovely. You should try it….

  4. Please check out the excellent documentary Sharkwater. It will change your mind (as it did mine) about buying another shark-related item. Please spread the word about the slaughter of sharks and the danger sharkmeat poses to children and pregnant women (as it is extremely high in mercury). Even if you don’t care about the animal, you owe it to yourself and future generations to protect the sharks. When they get wiped out (and they are being killed at a dangerously high rate), our oxygen supply (and obviously, health) will be messed up, as well. There are plenty of other things for us to eat without threatening our environment and future.

  5. I certainly hope that the 4 years of research, development and press since this post was published have made this recipe non-existent on your future menu.

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