Cocina Asiatica

After a year away from the Laocook Kitchens, King has decided to return to Spain and rejoin the A-Team.

Vienne, Junior and King Laocook

Our mission in 2008 is to push further our works from 2007. Asiatic Cuisine in Spain has taken large steps forward over the past 18 months, ingredients that are vital to our foods are now becoming more available.

More and more Spanish cooks are now using herbs and spices that we know so well. New restaurants are opening, under the banner of “Cocina Asiatica” (Asian Kitchen), as opposed to “Cocina Oriental” (Oriental Kitchen).

Our goal has always been to offer Quality, not Quantity, and this goal will never change.

There are interesting times ahead, and we all look forward to them. 🙂


New Ping Kai, Truffle Potatoes Laocook

Ping Gai and Truffle Potatoes.

Chicken “Oysters” are marinated with the usual suspects (Lemongrass, Lime Leaf, Garlic etc…), and served on top of a velvet Potato and Truffle Oil Puree. This is a very rich and heavy dish, thats why it is served one “Oyster” per person. 😉


King Prawns with Mushrooms Laocook

King Prawns with Mushrooms.

Dried Chinese Mushrooms are rehydrated, then slow cooked in pork fat. The King Prawns are briefly poached in an Oyster Sauce based stock, which is then thickened. A Homemade Prawn Cracker gives this small dish its “crunch”.


Red Curry Laocook

Chicken in Red Curry.

Red Curry is available at most SE Asian restaurants, and ours is no exception. We prefer a thicker curry, that is why we reduce it down to almost a “gravy-like” consistency. This is seasoned at the final minute, otherwise the reduction would make it too salty.


3 thoughts on “Cocina Asiatica

  1. I prefer dried Shiitake, though that may be because I grew up on it in the UK. Fresh ones were (and still are) much more expensive, and though they have an interesting flavour, I feel that the flavour is better with the rehydrated ones.

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