Kill It. Cook It. Eat It.

Kill it, Cook it, Eat it, is a programme by BBC Three.

Basically, the series is about the production of meats, the slaughter, cooking and eating of it. However, what sets it apart is that it is filmed around an Abattoir. Yes, thats right!. They built a TV studio around an Abattior, installed a kitchen, and an audience, who see the food moving on four legs, being killed, then prepared for eating. Lovely jubbly!

Having been witness to many “Larb Luert Phet”, yep, “Fresh Duck Blood Larb” 🙂 I was intrigued by this programme.

Somebody had kindly sent me the episode featuring Suckling Pigs (a misnomer if I ever heard one, they should be called Sucking Pigs, c´mon BBC, get it together!).

I found the episode interesting, and will no doubt look for other episodes which, I am told feature Milk Fed Lamb, Kid Goat and Veal to name a few. (what a menu!) 😉

The show shows us how the pigs are looked after, scenes of the little ones playing around in the hay, to the reality of the Abattior. Each step is controlled by the appropriate authorities, to make sure that the animals are well cared for, unstressed and relaxed before they are dispatched to “Piggy Heaven”.

The audience is made up of various people, invitees, to stimulate conversation. To keep the audince at home glued to the TV, they also showed clips of girls crying at the sight of the pigs being “slit”. Should make them think twice about what they buy in the Supermarkets I guess.

Some of the scenes are graphic, in a sense that if you don´t want to see things being killed, look away (and no use renting Rambo I, II, III on DVD either, okay, if you are too young to know who Rambo was (is), just think of AVP). 😆

The dinner in question is stunned before being killed.


Prongs to the side of the head, stun the animal . Then it is moved on to the Piggy Reaper himself.


I gather that this is the part that “people may find gruesome”. You see, the stunned animal is now dispatched, through the neck, and as the blood spills out, the animal keeps on twitching, almost like struggling.


The piglet is then placed in to hot water, so that the bristles will be easier to remove. Timing has to be right,they dont want to”cook” the animal in the hot water.


The innards are now removed. The knife work here is amazing to watch. Most of the innards are discarded (after being checked by the authorities to make sure that the animal was disease free (the whole process is watched by the relevant authorities, who could stop it at anytime they feel that something is not right).


Some of the samples are given to the in-house Butcher, who describes the various cuts etc… Very professional.


One of the samples was given to the in-house Chef. Whole Roast Piglet. Yummy! 🙂

After interviewing some members of the audience (whom had mixed feelings), the programme switched to a report from Segovia, the home of Spanish Cooked Sucking Pork.


“Cochinillo de Segovia” (Segovian Baby Pig) is renowned across Spain. The pork is much younger, hence more white (only having fed on its mothers milk). True Segovian Pork has a Quality Mark, and only a few restaurants have a licence sell “Authentic Sergovian Pork”. Even the recipe is controlled, only salt and water, before going in to a specially made oven and cooked for 3 to 4 hours.



On the whole, it was an interesting programme. Perhaps being a cook, I wasn’t put off by the slaughter, in fact it made me hungry. 😉 (Though I don’t normally eat freshly killed animals (apart from fish))

However, I can see what the programme is trying to achieve. Every aspect of the process was handled professionally (I hope it wasn’t only because of the cameras present), and the views of the audience opened debate.

I am now looking forward to the other programmes. Bravo BBC! 🙂


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