Have you ever seen those pictures or photos that are really Mosaics?

You know the ones, when you look (very) closely, you realise that the actual picture is made up of 100´s or 1000´s of smaller pictures.

Well, there is a nifty programme (Foto-Mosaik) by Germany based Steffen Schirmer that you can download for free that enables your PC to make such pictures. (Well, it´s almost free, all Steffen asks for the 820KB programme is that you mail him a postcard of your hometown) 🙂

It is really easy to use, you just have to tell Foto-Mosaik what photos or images it should use to make your Mosaic, then you choose a pic that you want to turn in to a mosaic, and your PC does all the rest.

Mosaic Laocook

The more images that you give it, the better it can arrange the colours, making the end result even more, well, better. There is also an option of using video footage, frame by frame, though that process can be quite time consuming.

You really have to play around with it, some of my Mosaics range from 25Mb to 253MB (dunno where I would be able to print those out!) 😆

Laocook Mosaic

The Mosaic. Scaled down for posting here is actually made up from my 800 holiday photos. You can tell the programme how many times it can use a specific image, and how big the images should be, the smaller the size and more times you use the image, the better the end result (and larger file size).

Laocook Mosaic Original

The original. Beerlao, cool. 😎


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