The First Post of 2008

In a way I am glad that the festivities are over, however, I will miss the “Organised Panic” that comes with it, but we will get back to that. 😉


It has been raining for the past three days here (what a welcome to 2008!), the winds have been strong and the thunderstorms unrelenting!. 😦

It has been less than a month that I have been back to work from a much missed holiday in Vientiane. A week ago, whilst we were boiling down a stock I immediately reminisced and thought about Phö (funny how the mind works eh!). 😉

When we get a good piece of whole Beef Tenderloin, we have to trim off all the “unwanted” chunks. Unwanted to most, but a main player in our kitchens. What for?, for Stock.

A good stock needs Bones. No matter from what animal the bones come from, stock is prepared according to how we will use it in our dish.

Chicken bones are boiled down to produce our Chicken Stock that helps flavour our poultry dishes, Beef for our main meat dishes and so on. We don’t use any of that pre-packaged powdered stuff.

Anyway, back to the Phö.

There was no need for Eggs and Bacon in Vientiane, our breakfast was always a nice steaming bowl of hot Phö.

I know a great and wonderful place that serves the most incredible Phö, using cuts of meat and bones that have been boiled throughout the night. I would love to tell you the name of the place, but if I did that, I would be letting you in to one of my best kept secrets. 😉

If you are lucky, and arrive around 10.00hrs, you can ask for a plate of Phö Bones.

Pho Bones Laocook

The aroma that the bones give off is so wholesome, and you know that within these bones lie mouthwatering flavours.

Pho Bones 2 Laocook

They have been cooked to such an extent that the meat just drips off them. Most of the lovely Marrow has been infused in to the actual Phö, but the traces that remain are an ambrosia.

Pho Bones Laocook 3

Luckily a straw is always available to help you get your “fix”. 🙂


Like every family, I have loads of cousins and relatives. Back in Vientiane (and London), I am always happy to see them again, and stare in awe at how much they have grown from “youngsters running around after toys” to growing up to become adults, “running after their dreams”.

VTE Cousins

Some of my younger cousins and one of my Aunties in Vientiane.

Laocook Cousins

Some of my wonderful cousins in London.


Meanwhile, back in the Kitchens. (and the Organised Panic).

I hope that the change-over from 2007 to 2008 was a good time for all of you.

(We were running around all over the place). 😆

Laocook ASIA

Sen, Junior and Khamhoung take a short break from the hot kitchen where we were preparing dinner for 300 guests.

Laocook Won Ton

Our “Army” of Lobster and King Crab Won Ton´s waiting to be fried and served as Cocktail Aperitifs.

Seafood Laocook

Fondly called “Dteen T´aw” or “Turtles Feet”, a name coined by my Mother, these morsels are blanched for only 10 seconds.

Bamboo Mushroom Soup

A soothing Bamboo and Mushroom Soup is helped along with Crispy Rice.

Squid Lollipops New Year 2007/2008

The “Cocktail Favourite”, “Squid Lollipops” make a welcome return.



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