Food on Sale at the Morning Market

You can buy nearly everything at the Morning Market, and any trip to Vientiane wouldn’t be complete without visit to the “Talat Sao”.

Morning Market

The market is moving to a newer and air conditioned home next door, the new multi-storey car park is already in use, though most people still park in the surrounding streets.

As with any market, there are many things on offer, from T.V´s and other electrical appliances (big and small), Books and Stationary, Toiletries and Household Products, Gold and Silver (upstairs), Clothes and Textiles, etc, etc, etc…

The vast food section sells Vegetables & Fruits, Meat & Poultry, Fish, Spices, Herbs and Ready-to-eat foods. It is perhaps the busiest part of the market.

Morning Market Food

A stall selling cooked meats such as pork, duck, chicken, beef and tripe.

Morning Market Food 2

A portion of Crispy Pork being cut. It will be sold wrapped in the Banana Leaf, then in to a small carrier bag.

Morning MArket Food 3

“You looking at me?” 😆

Morning Market Food 4

Stewed Duck Webs are nice to eat with some cold Beerlao. Some people may not like the idea of eating animal feet or hooves, but I love them…

Morning Market Food 5

Nearly every part of the animal is edible. Nothing good should go to waste.

Morning Market Food 6

Som Moo, Sour or Fermented Pork. We have a recipe for this here.

Morning Market Food 8

Lovely ripe Sugar Apples. Hmmmmm.

Morning Market Food 9

Lod Chong Desserts, sold in bags with Coconut Cream and Liquid Palm Sugar.

Despite the name, the Morning Market is open from about 06.00 until 17.30hrs everyday, and is situated opposite the main Post Office. You can haggle over many things except the cooked food items, but seeing as the items are cheap by EU standards, it shouldn’t be a worry.

A word of warning, be careful when ordering a “Tum Mak Houng” (Papaya Salad), even if you ask for it “Bor Phet lai” (not so hot), the likelihood is that it will still leave your mouth on fire!. 😉


2 thoughts on “Food on Sale at the Morning Market

  1. Amazing to see how food is part of the streets. That’s probably the best invitation. You walk by and can’t deny the scents of this kind of food…

  2. Hi Padek, you are right. It seems that everywhere you turn in Laos, there is always something to eat.

    Even when I sit outside our home in VTE, people dragging or cycling carts of fruit (freshly cut and served with a hot dipping sauce) would wonder in to your front garden, or the Roti sellers would pass by and offer freshly cooked Pancakes.
    In the night, hot steamed Buns are on offer, now normally sold from side cars of motobikes, though you can still find some guys selling these from the back of their peddle bikes.

    Food everywhere!

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