The Birth of Pandan Brioche

We don’t really like to serve bread in the Asia restaurant, it doesn’t seem to fit with our food, especially as all our main dishes are served with a side order of steamed rice.

However, when we make our “Aharn Menu”, which includes, what we like to call “Neo Laotian Cuisine”, others call it “Fusion Cuisine”, and some of my staff have jokingly called it “Pée Bha Cuisine”, we have to make some exceptions.

I had been thinking a lot about what should accompany our Duck, Liver and Mango dish (which has gone through another change since its original form).

Duck, Liver and Mango

The Original. The basic ingredients used where raw Duck Breast, Foie Gras and ripe Mango.

Duck, Liver and Mango 2

The Sequel, our second version. Here we decided to roll the Duck Breast around the Foie Gras and pan fry the Mango with Brown sugar and Sea Salt.

Duck, Liver and Mango 3

The Latest Offering sees us wrapping the Foie Gras with ripe Mango then rolling it in the Duck Breast, this time we serve it with a heavily reduced Teriyaki style sauce with homemade Pear Jam.

During my many visits to restaurants in France and other countries, I had always enjoyed Foie Gras with Brioche, a heavy style bread made from loads of butter and eggs.

We have a good supply of Pandan Juice made from fresh leaves in our freezer, so it seemed natural to try to make our own version of Brioche, using the vibrant green juice and aroma of Pandan.

Our first attempt ended up with an overly green bread, something that would have made the Incredible Hulk envious. 🙂

It looked too artificial, like we had used a green dye or food colouring in the recipe. Luckily no photos exist of that attempt. 😉

After a few more trials, we ended up with a good recipe, not too green, that still retained the unique aroma of the Pandan Leaves. Hence our Pandan Brioche was born.

Pandan Brioche

When lightly grilled the bread gives off an inviting Buttery Pandan scent. The bread and the Duck, Liver and Mango dish still need a little more “fine tuning”, but at least we are on our way…


Another dish which is evolving is our New Style Goong Che Nam Pla.

New Nam Pla

We have added marinated Tomatoes and Pine Kernels to the base of King Prawns and our “Crystal Shallots”. This dish as a far cry from the original dish that is found in many Lao or SE Asian restaurants, however it remains one of our most ordered Signature Dishes.


One new dessert that we offered this week was our Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple and Apple. Yes I know!, naming new dishes is not one of my strong points!. 😉

Apple, Apple, Apple and Apple

Here we have Apple Jelly, Apple Compote, Fresh Apple, Apple Jam and Dried Apple. There is a chance that we might add an Apple Sorbet on top in the future, but we cant think of a name for the dessert. 😆

We also serve Green Tea Macarones, which are lovely and have a silky inner texture and crispy crust.

Another dessert with a “name crisis” is our Pumpkin, Pumpkin and Pumpkin.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin and Pumpkin

Pumpkin biscuit, Pumpkin Cream and sweet toasted Pumpkin Seeds.The addition of Pumpkin Ice Cream will just make the name sound silly. 😆

However, not all is lost, we do have one desert with an easy-going name.

Peach and Peach

Its just called, Peach and Peach. Its made from Yellow and Red Peaches and is drunk from the shot tube.

Our Pastry Chef Akiyama and I will be busy in the next few weeks as we are working on some more exotic desserts, however, I may leave the naming of the dishes to someone else….


One thought on “The Birth of Pandan Brioche

  1. I’d like to try the pandan brioche, but what you have in the picture doesn’t look like a brioche texture.

    The foie gras, I regret I have to say, is still unappetizing.

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