Boun That Luang

Perhaps the most important festival in the Lao calender. Held in November to coincide with the full moon. There is a huge concentration of visitors during this 4 day long event. You really have to be there to enjoy the experience as words only fail to transmit the atmosphere.

In our LCTV Presentation, we hunt for “street vendor” BBQ Crispy Pork, before heading off to the That Luang later in the evening.

Crispy Roast Pork


4 thoughts on “Boun That Luang

  1. Vienne, nice video. Great commentary as always. Love the British accent. 🙂  The crispy look so good.

    Charging visitors to That Luang festival for bringing in camera or video recorder is just crazy.

  2. Your dished are always beautiful indeed. "Green Tea Macarones" sounds really lovely. I love green tea taste sweets ! My parents moved to Kyoto this spring so I am visiting them on new year days 🙂 So maybe I will enjoy some traditional Japanese sweets.
    Btw I seldom my English blog so far but just Japanese blog. You are very welcome. The system is almost the same and you can leave your message. Have a nice week !

  3. Ha ha. You could be an Laotian Iron Chef with the British accent living in Spain using Padek for ingredients.  Pretty cool. Frankly I don’t cook with Padek much nowadays.  The only thing I miss it with is with the papaya salad.  My stomach just is not immuned to it anymore. I use fish sauce and it seems adequate. Thanks for sharing the recipes.  

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