Te Dejo Madrid

To get to Laos I had to fly through Bangkok. To get to Bangkok, I had to get to Madrid.

Thai Airways International fly direct from the Spanish Capital to her Thai counterpart. I wanted to spend a few nights in cold Madrid before heading off to the South East Asian sun.


Like most big cities, Madrid has a lot to offer. It is extremely busy, with everyone seeming to rush to some place or another. The centre is more or less compact, so most places of interest are reachable by Metro or Taxi.

Madrid 2

If you are a “Shopaholic”, Madrid is your town. Seeing as we were there during a national holiday, it seemed that everyone and their neighbour was out shopping and eating. Tapas in the town are famous, and all the bars are full from opening time till their late closing time.

Madrid 3

(asking the doorman to recommend a place to eat).

I love markets and will visit them wherever I go. I love to look at the available food. Whilst Rosalia shops for clothes, I can normally be found window shopping for food. 😉

Madrid 4

“Cochinillo” or Piglet on sale with Blood Sausage… hmmmm… I can think of hot winter recipes with roasted vegetables… lovely.. 🙂

Madrid 5

Chorizo´s are great cooked in stews or simply grilled. A kind of Spanish “Sai Koch” 😆

Every good Tapas bar worth a visit has its selection of Jamón (pronounced “Hammon”), cured Spanish Ham. The best ham is the “Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” aka “Pata Negra” (Black Hoofed), acorn fed pork from Andalucia. Expensive, but worth it.


When cut correctly, these thin slivers have a nutty aroma and melt-in-the-mouth buttery texture.

Back in the Laocook kitchen we are currently working on “something secret” that will (hopefully) marry the rustic taste of Jamón with something more familiar with Lao foodies (or at least become well acquainted with, like a Fiancé perhaps). 😉

Laocook Mission

(a man with a mission to find more food!) 😎


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