Pineapple with Sea Salt

People looked at me strangely when I recommended adding salt to a sliced Pineapple. However, after trying it they soon realised that the end result was not “Salty” at all. It was “Sweeter”. Pineapple with Sea Salt (Maldon of course) is now one of our best desserts, and easiest to make. 😉

Pineapple with Sea Salt

Pumpkins are not only for Halloween. Apart from using them to make Purees, Soups or Custards, we also use them to make a silky flan.

Pumpkin Flan

One of our mini-desserts, Pumpkin Flan with Soya Milk Panna Cotta, Chocolate Cream and Fruits.

On the 11th November, it was the birthday of Khamsene, our Sous Chef. We surprised him after work with a few bottles of Cava and a small cake.

Khamsene 1

Khamsene 2

Khamsene & Don

I decided to get him a present, an Ice Cream Maker!

Khamsene 3

That should mean some lovely exotic Ice Creams at the Asia House next summer. Durian Ice Cream anyone? 😎


I wont be blogging for the next three weeks or so, I am off to Thailand and Laos, via a few nights in Madrid.

Luckily I will be in Vientiane for the Boun That Luang, something that I have always wanted to experience. Lets hope that my family have stocked up on BeerLao and loads of yummy foods! 🙂

That Luang

Needless to say, I will update the site when I get back during the first half of December (normally 5 or 6 kilos heavier too!)


One thought on “Pineapple with Sea Salt

  1. Hope you have a productive trip.  There are still hundreds of ingredients to source…

    Have to work on that Michelin star…

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