Seafood Lunch

You can tell that Summer is over. The other day I saw some street vendors selling roasted Chestnuts in the town centre.


At first I thought that they were selling Sea Urchins, but on closer inspection I realised what they were. I should have known that they couldn’t have been selling Sea Urchins, as they are normally harvested in February. 😦

Last week a close friend of ours invited Rosalia and I for lunch at their home, as well as inviting the Chef Rosa and Pastry Chef Diego from a well known local restaurant La Marina. The other guests included the owners Gonzalo & Luisa (who also own a trendy bar) and their buddies Antonio and Inma. These friends adore food, and have even spent 1600€ to stay one night at the hotel to have dinner at the restaurant, or fly to Barcelona for dinner! 🙂 Real “Foodies”. My kind of people! 😉


These Crabs are the size of your palm, and tough to get in to but well worth the effort!…

Foie Gras

Even though the theme was Seafood, no lunch is complete without some Foie Gras. 😉

Rosa Percebes

Rosa boils up some Percebes (Gooseneck Barnacles).


When it came to the Lobster, we were divided on how it should be prepared. Some of us wanted it boiled, whilst some wanted it split in half and grilled (which I think toughens the flesh, so you can imagine I too wanted the former opinion).

After much debate and Cava (we don’t do Champagne in Spain), they decided to let me decide. I wanted a compromise (but not grill it). I decided to roast the Lobster whole, that way the flesh wouldn’t be exposed to the heat and still retain its juiciness. (Rosa and I had never roasted a Whole Lobster before, so it was kind of interesting for both of us).

Whole Roasted Lobster

Of course I had to kill it before hand, so I stuck a very thin knife through its head without damaging the shell, then popped it on the tray with some Garlic and Olive Oil.

It was kind of weird to see the Lobster moving about in the hot oven, but I knew that it was just its nerves that can keep twitching (trying to crawl away?)(no, really, it was dead).

The end result was great (though it was harder to crack and portion), but on the whole it tasted lovely.

We also had a whole crate of Oysters, but I couldn’t get any photos because as soon as they were opened, they were eaten… 🙂

It was a long lunch, and after a short break (and bar hopping) we started on the dinner, which included King Prawns and Langoustines with Pasta with unlimited glasses of Cava. 😉


The next day it was back to work.


I was in a funny mood (perhaps still hungover 😎 ) and decided to make some Popcorn to accompany the pre-dinner drinks.

Gourmet Popcorn

It was also the first night that we were going to serve our new dish.

Shiitake and Bamboo Soup

Shiitake and Bamboo Soup with Pheasant.

This semi-thick soup has a wonderful earthy taste.

Shiitake Bamboo 2

Just before serving, sauteed Pheasant innards (liver, heart, kidney and gizzards) are added. Some mouthfuls are smooth and creamy (kidney and liver), some delicately chewy (heart and gizzards). A really wholesome winter soup.

To finish the dinner, Akiyama prepared one of his sensational mixed desserts.

Akiyama Postres

Assiette of Chocolate. Yummy. 🙂


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