New Dish: Scallop, Grape, Tamarind and Lobster

Some fresh Scallops arrived recently and opened the door for one of our new dishes for our Aharn Menu.

When cooked correctly, the meat of the Scallop is soft, almost melting in the mouth, overcooking the Scallop is a sin, where you are left with some rubbery texture (much like stale chewing gum!).

The best way to cook the meat is to season it then place it in a pan over a high heat, add a knob of butter and fry until it just shrivels then remove it before the butter burns. That way you are left with a juicy plump Scallop.

Scallop Laocook

One of our Teppanyaki cooks, Kit, prepared some lovely Lobster Stock, which we mixed with some Tamarind paste and turned in to a Bisque. It seemed that the creaminess of the soup would lend a “body” to our dish, we then added some peeled grapes to ounter the tartness of the Tamarind.

Scallop, Grape Tamarind and Lobster

The end result had a lovely sour-like Sea-full flavour. You had to cut the Scallop, scoop the piece up in a spoon with some of the Tamarind Lobster Bisque and a piece of Grape and savour the medley of flavours.

We thought that the whole dish should be eaten in four scoops, hence the four segments of Grapes.

We also tried different versions, adding Chilli Oil or Basil Oil too, however, the original version proved the “number one” amongst our diners. And as they say “The customer is always right”, unless of course if he or she disagrees with the Chef. šŸ˜†

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