Last week saw the release in Spain of Apple´s new version of their iPod, called the Ipod Touch or iTouch.

Having pre-ordered mine, I was happy to see it delivered on the release date. It is nifty and has loads of great applications, at the moment I use it in the kitchen, blasting away music whilst we cook. 🙂

iPod Touch Laocook

Another great thing about the Ipod Touch is its ability to connect to WiFi networks. Seems like the technology these days is moving so quickly. I still remember my first games console, the Atari 2600 (now I am showing my age!) 😉 (and have fond memories of blisters!) 😆

Anyway, whilst listening to some Mor Lam work continues in the kitchen.

One of our new Amuse Bouche, using Pork, Water Chestnuts, Nori and Tempura Batter.

Deep Fried Pork in Nori

The seasoned Pork mixture is mixed with Herbs, Water Chestnuts and Vermicelli Strands, much similar to a Won Ton mix. It is then rolled “Maki Style” in Nori Sheets before being dipped in Tempura Batter and deep fried. It is crunchy on the outside and the Water Chestnuts also remain crunchy on the inside.


Smoked Tuna

Smoked Tuna with Spicy Sauce.

The parts of the Tuna that are not suitable for Sushi are dry marinated then smoked over Olive Wood. It is served with chopped Pickles and a Spicy Dipping Sauce, a kind of Salty, Sour and Spicy appetizer.


Red Pork wrapped in Pho Noodles.

Pork Pho

Chinese style Red Pork is wrapped in blanched Pho Noodles, served on Snow Peas with Coriander and Basil Oil.

The sweetness of the Pork goes well with the chewiness of the Noodles, and is a favorite “nibble” of the cooks. To stop the Pork and Noodles from drying out during the evening, we keep them under film in our oven which has been set at 50ºC (122ºF).


Below is one of our mini Desserts created by our Pastry Chef, Akiyama.

Mascapone with Basil

Mascarpone Cream with Basil and Raspberry Panna Cotta. Yummy!


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