Fungi and Getting aHead of Things.

We are lucky to be able to get hold of a variety of Mushrooms. Whilst we enjoy a great “Jéow Mak Het” (Mushroom Chutney), with sticky rice, the best pieces are reserved for our guests.


Mushrooms 2

Mushrooms 3

We use them in Soups, Purees, Sauces and Royales, but perhaps the best known is in combination with Chicken. There is something “homely” in this partnership, whether it is a Pie, Soup, Burger or Stir Fry.

Chicken and Mushroom

Chicken and Wild Mushroom in the making.


It is amazing how many dishes you can come up with using our next ingredient, and as the title of this post states, it is indeed a…

Pig Head

Pig Teeth

Pig Cheeks are common on most menus, as well as Ears (Crispy Pig Ears are one of our favourite nibbles).

Some people may shy away at looking at the complete head, but when prepared well, the various bits if meat, fat and skin make remarkable dishes.

With our sample, the ears will be reserved to be added to our next batch of “Som Pak Calumbee” (Soured or Fermented Cabbage), other parts will make it in to our “Dtom Khem”, and some parts will be enjoyed by the cooks. 😉

The hardest part about preparing any of the dishes is getting the head split, that was a job for Saki and a cleaver.

Pig Head Cutting

It is best to turn the head upside down, it makes it easier to cut, and as Saki says “I don’t want him looking at me”. 😆


Saki 2

Saki 3

Once split in half, the head will be soaked in many changes of cold water, then in to a Brine for a few days, before having the meat removed and separated for the individual recipes.


If you think that you cannot stomach the pig head dishes, be sure not to look at Michael´s blog!. 😯

Weird Meat

Michael says:

“Some foods are taboo, some are forbidden, some are considered inedible — depending on the culture. Why does one human refuse to eat dog, and another refuse to eat pig? Why does one culture eat haggis, another one delight in slimy fermented soy beans? Do we only refuse some foods when we know what they are? Why?”


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