A Meal Fit for (a) King

After our week long culinary travel, it seemed only fitting that King´s last holiday dinner should be at our restaurant. The decor of the dining room hasn’t changed much since King was behind the Teppanyaki Tables. King and his guests opted for our “Aharn Menu”, which is basically our Tasting Menu, served in small manageable portions.

The Aharn Menu is always changing, and is dictated by the ingredients available and the whim of the cooks…. or Chef 🙂

Of the 11 dishes, below are the favourites, as chosen by King.

Duck, Liver and Mango 2

Our new version of Duck, Liver and Mango.

All the ingredients remain the same as in our previous version.

Our new version allows you to actually see the Foie Gras, which was hidden beneath the Duck in its original interpretation.

Oyster, Sesame Scrambled Egg

Oyster and Sesame Scrambled Egg.

There is something soothing about a good Scrambled Egg, which is creamy and not overcooked or rubbery. When making the Eggs, you need patience and constant stirring and heat control. The addition of Cream and Butter give the Eggs a nice shine and full flavour. Sesame Sauce is added at the final moment to give the dish its “nutty” aroma.

The Oysters are removed from their shells and poached in their own juices before being wrapped in a Spinach leaf (which has also been poached in the same juices). This dish needs to be served (and eaten) immediately. 🙂

Beef Feet Salad

Beef Feet Salad.

There is no hiding the fact that this small salad is made from Calf´s Foot. It is basically a “Yum”, the gelatinous texture of the Foot is wonderful. 🙂

Surf and Turf, Laocook Style

Our version of “Surf & Turf”.

A combination of Seafood and Meat, in our case Shark and Beef Tenderloin, both cooked “rare”. Yes, I said Shark!

Don Shark

Shark Teeth

Hmmm, cant wait to get my teeth stuck in to that! 😆

Now for something “more down to Earth”.

Ping gai

Laotian Style Grilled Chicken, aka Ping Gai.

We have used boned wings for our dish, which wouldn’t be complete without some Papaya Salad!

Ping Gai with Papaya Salad

Our last dish is simply called….

“Thinking about Green Curry”.

Thinking about Green Curry

I´ll let you work it out….. 😆

6 thoughts on “A Meal Fit for (a) King

  1. The foie gras presentation is still not quite right and the portion is too large. 

    The rest looks very good. Scrambled eggs take a LOT of patience. I don’t even do them anymore.  Maybe if I had a can of caviar…

    Surf and turf presentation is excellent.  I really like that minimalist smear!

    What is that in the curry, cervelle?

  2. Hola Elgin, glad you like the "Surf & Turf".

    The Foie Gras is only 3 inches long, and people actually say that it is too small, perhaps the photo makes it look large.

    And yes, its Brains (Lamb) in the "Thinking of Green Curry" dish. 🙂

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