Shooting Food

Most of our food photos that appear on the site are taken at the spur of the moment in the kitchen, so when it was time to shoot some photos in the actual restaurant, a little bit more “set up” is required.

Recent filming in our dining room allowed us to take advantage of the lighting etc…

Filming Laocook

I never imagined that a few seconds of film would require so much work.

Filming Laocook 2

Leaving everything to the professionals is a good idea.

Filming Laocook 3

With all the bright lights in the restaurant, the “take” of the food had to be quick.

Filming Laocook 4

Even for the “close up”, 7 or 8 “takes” were shot.

Perhaps the easiest part was preparing the food! 🙂

Laocook Sushi

We decided to use a small selection of Sushi for the piece.

Laocook Sushi 2

Laocook Sushi 3


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