New Friends

A short while back, Laoplanet had a huge make-over. In her own words;

“Laoplanet is (now) a social tag and bookmark system. Our main focus is on Laos and Laotian people around the world…”

It is now a great source for information about what is happening online about Laos and her neighbours.

“What has happened to the members?”, I hear you ask…

Well, they are all blogging at the (almost) new Lao Voices.

Lao Voices


On a recent visit to Lao Cuisine, I was introduced to some exciting websites that I want to share with you.

Kin Khao

Kin Khao, two words that have many, many meanings.

Kay writes;

“Kin khao is the title of this blog because in the Lao language it means “eat rice”, but to the Lao people it means eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner and just eat food in general. The Lao people love to use that phrase….”


Lao Bumpkin

Lao Bumpkin.

Rob writes;

“I set out to write something different from the average travel blog, even though I am ultimately a tourist. I wanted to give more of an insight into the people and culture of Laos..”



MsCinda, features some easy to follow and tempting recipes.

MsCinda writes;

I’m a simple girl with simple taste. It doesn’t take much to please me. Sunsets and rain drops make me smile.


I think that we should all arrange a “huge get together” with all our visitors and our other Friends that are linked on the right hand side. What a great dinner that would be…. Guess I could always stay out of trouble and do the “dishes” 😆


2 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. wow…this great, i didn’t know i made it on here, thanks for the shout out. i’m really excited to be able to contribute in my own little way to help preserve our lao heritage =)

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