Duck, Liver and Mango

Duck, Liver and Mango is the name of our new dish that will be included in our Groups Menu.

Duck, Liver and Mango

Foie Gras is covered with wafer thin slices of raw Duck Breast, and dressed with Yuzu Sauce that has been heated in Olive and Sesame Oil with some Peppercorns. Shreds of ripe Mango adds sweetness.

Duck, Liver and Mango 2


Mango shreds also feature in our new version of “Nham Dtok”, made with Beef Tenderloin.

Beef Tenderloin

Tenderloin is pan fried over a high heat until rare to medium.

Nham Dtok

The meat is then thinly sliced and dressed with chopped Shallots, Red Peppers, Coriander, Mint, Fish Sauce, Padek Juice, Lime Juice and Pounded Roasted Sticky Rice.

Nham Dtok Laocook

It is known on our menu as “Waterfall Beef with Mango”.


Lemongrass Leaves play an important role in our Tom Yum. This soup has an array of flavours, and using the Leaves in the broth adds an intense aroma.

Tom Yum

We always add freshly squeezed Lime Juice when the soup has been placed in the bowl just before serving.


Its not all about Asian food at our restaurant, with a fully equiped kitchen and a team of great and loyal cooks, we also serve European dishes when requested.

Fillet of Beef

Fillet of Beef with Grilled Vegetables.


Sot l’y Laisse or “Chicken Oyster” with Yakitori Sauce has been our star Amuse Bouche over the past few days.

Chicken Oyster

Marinated and lightly fried, these morsels with their crispy skin are an ideal start to a dinner.


6 thoughts on “Duck, Liver and Mango

  1. Foie Gras with mango and dressed with yuzu sauce !? Such a great idea never came to me. The fresh taste of yuzu and the sweet taste of mango are mix to soften each other I guess.
    And I like its decoration. This yellow based color is very unique. I really must visit your restaurant one day !

  2. Glad to see you using padek. That dish looks delicious.

    As for the other thing, the presentation is a little messy.

    IMHO, “Duck, Liver and Mango” is not the most appetizing name…that’s why we use terms like magret, foie gras…

    But it looks interesting. Such ingenuity!

  3. Yes, we love Padek, if only the staff would stop eating it all, we would have more for the clients…lol

    I thought about calling the dish “Carpaccio de Magret de Pato, con su Foie y Mango”, but decided to make the name simple as possible, something that is starting to become a trend in some restaurants.

    Most diners are happily surprised when they find out that the Liver is Foie Gras (what else should it be?), and shocked that the Duck Breast is raw, but they mostly agree that the dish works and the “surprise” is just another element of the dish (am I making sense?)


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