Sushi Bar

Our restaurant has three sections, the “a la carte” section, where you can order from the menu, the Teppanyaki Tables and the Sushi Bar.

Sushi Bar

Sushi Menu

The Sushi Bar Menu (yes, in Japanese). Each panel tells clients what fish the Sushi Cook has, once the fish is finished, he will remove the panel. That way, people walking in to the Sushi Bar would know what is on offer, quite like a Tapas Menu. Our Menu is used more for decoration.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchens…

Drying Duck

Sen gets his Ducks ready for Air Drying. It is quite a funny sight to see, especially if you are visiting the kitchens.

Fish and Spinach

Fillet of Bream with Spinach and lashings of Garlic Cilantro Oil (our version of the Spanish “Salsa Verde” that is served with fish)


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