Laocook Girl Sorrene Aleene

We are proud to present some professional photos of Laocook starlet Anouck, aka Sorrene Aleene.


Over the past few months Anouck, or should I say Sorrene has been travelling the globe.

Sorrene 2

Not only has she been busy in the studios, she has also been busy as an official model for a high quality magazine.

Sorrene 3

Always a Laocook Girl at heart (Here To Stay, written and performed by Band INU, is the LCTV Laocook Theme), we cant wait until she returns to visit the LC Team in Spain.

Right now she is taking a break from her hectic schedule, and we hope that she will find time to join her sister Laurene and my brother King in our special Laocook Reunion weekend in September.

Sorrene 4

Photographs were taken by acclaimed photographer Paul West.


6 thoughts on “Laocook Girl Sorrene Aleene

  1. Sorrene Aleene beautiful, I wonder can she speak Laotion even those she half.Ā  She got aĀ  movie star qulaitiesĀ andĀ  I wonder does she promote her singing career in Laos or Thailand.

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