We like to smoke. 😉

Smoked foods not only have an interesting aroma, they also impart a delicate flavour to the foods. We have all tried Smoked Salmon (we also make our own, using Olive Wood), and have tasted the nutty nuances that it has to offer.

We decided to give Ox Tongue a try.

Smoked Ox Tongue

Normally, I would reserve Ox Tongue for a simple Marinated Grill, with perhaps some Jéow Som (Sour Dipping Sauce). However, we couldnt resist in marinating it in Asiatic spices before giving it a good smoking with Wood Chips.

Ox Tongue Smoked

The result was great. Not only did the Tongue retain its smooth texture, the smoking gave it a “Salty Spicy” taste.

Smoked Tongue

Honestly, the dish needs a little work, but from the first impressions, things are looking good. Not only will smoking preserve the meat, but the taste will also mature over a few days.


Let´s see what out Interns are up to.

Roll Laocook

Charged with the Amuse Bouche section, Sak is fitting in well.

Roast Red Pork

He is using Homemade Chinese Roasted Red Pork for a Vietnamese Fresh Roll filling.


Sak Laocook

Red Pork

Its hard work making the appetizers to order (especially with someome shouting down your neck) 😆 but truth be told, Sak has settled in well.

Amuse Bouche Red Pork Viet Roll

Fresh Vietnamese Style Rolls with Roasted Red Pork with Sweet Chilli Dressing and Spinach Oil.


5 thoughts on “Smokin´

  1. It sure feels weird to see him with his cook outfit on 😀

    You can go ahead and yell at him ai Vienne, he’s used to it cause I like to yell at him all the time 😆

    Anyway, those rolls look nice and yummy 😀

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