Eating “Al Fresco”

Sometimes we have to prepare foods that will be eaten outside at such gatherings as meetings or celebrations.

Cooking Out

Some Spanish Ham Sticks with a more traditional Cold Beef Wellington.

Cooking Out 2

Home Smoked Salmon being prepared, it will finally go out garnished with chopped Onion, Gherkins and Chives.

Cooking Out 3 Sushi Bowl

Tuna Sushi on the go… 🙂

Later that night we decided have our own Al Fresco dinner.

Bitter Gourd

The Bitter Gourd is being blackened and will be eaten with…

Larb Peht

Larb Peht, Laotian Duck Salad…. Yummy

Saki Charlotte and Sarah

Saki gets shown some thanks 😆


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