Welcome to our Third Intern

Our thrid and final Intern for the Summer period has finally arrived.

Sak, Phone and Vienne

Above, Sak, accompanied by his sister Phone visit the Laocook Kitchen.

Sak hails from Lyon, France and will be with us until the last week of August. He is new to the scene and wanted to spend time with the Laocook Team before starting Catering College.

Team Pic

Meeting the rest of the team. Sak will be under the watchful eye of Khamsene.

White Restaurant

After a few weeks he will move to the Sushi Bar, to be guided by Kuchi and Saki.

Kuchi and Saki


Its not all work….

Suri and Junior

Suri and Junior prepare to go to a fancy dress party as Convicts… 😆

Saki and Suri

A night out on the town… burp… 😉

Late Dinner

A late dinner (midnight) at the Asia House, enjoying all the lovely herbs and veggies that Phone brought. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Third Intern

  1. Hey those pics look familiar 😀

    Hello ai Vienne 🙂

    Thanks again for everything. I had a great time there even though it was too short. It was nice meeting everyone from the Laocook team and it was really a family like atmosphere at the Asia House, made me feel like home 🙂

    I also got the chance to eat at the Asia restaurant and had a taste of the Degustacion menu. Since I saw some pictures posted I was sure it would be a great experience and I have not been disappointed at all. Everything was delicious !
    A big bravo to everyone who worked behind the scene 😉

    I will for sure go back again and next time I’ll make sure I can stay for a whole week…or two…or three lol 😀

  2. Hello Vienne and all the Lao Cook Team!

    Thank you for the comment you let on my blog. And when will it be my turn ? when can I visit your team in Spain? I wish I could have a training in your profesional kitchen like Sak and Phone, do you think it would be possible ?? I have vacation in September, and maybe it’s a good idea to come and meet all of you ? Besides, I’ve never been over there! I’m serious, please let me know 😉

  3. Bonjour Dara, it is always nice to hear from you. September until November are our busiest months, and I doubt that we will have time to interact together in the kitchen. If you can be free in late 2007 or early 2008, we would be glad to welcome you.

    Otherwise just come out for a holiday whenever you want!! 😉


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