Eating Out in London

The Underground network in London means that it is easy to get around.


We decided to go for a nice Dim Sum.

Chahn & Melody

My Unlce Chanh and his daughter, my cousin Melody. Notice the first issue “Laocook” Polo Shirt 😉

T Shirt

Chinese Roast Duck

Chinese Roast Duck, one of my favourite dishes.

Duck Tongue

Duck Tongue. Lovely. 😆

Chicken Feet

Black bean Chicken Feet. 😉

Dim Sum is great when you have a large table and everyone is “fighting over the food”, seems to make everything more tasty…


Next day it is Chanh´s turn to cook for us. This time a nice Sunday “Roast”.

Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast 2

An excellent Roast Crispy Pork with Yorkshire Pudding and Vegetables. This just goes to show that Cuisine is International, and if everyone puts their mind to it, you can cook all different types of food. Not only does Chanh cook traditional British dishes, his menu also contains favourite Thai and Lao plates too.

We also had time to visit Brick Lane Market.

Brick Lane

My parents stall in UpMarket, serving Thai & Lao Cuisine, each dish is prepared to order, the menu is quite large, and at lunch times draws a large crowd.

Laurene, Kyal Marsh and King

Laurene with actor Kyal Marsh and King.


The night drew to a close with more than a few beers. 😉


8 thoughts on “Eating Out in London

  1. I’m glad to see that their is a food place that cooks Lao food as well as naming it too. Here in Cali their is no Lao restaurants so sad. They have good dim sum here though.

  2. HI ! You are in London !? Sounds great. I am in Riga. It feels too cold especially after spending 10 days in thailand ! And it is raining……
    One of my favorite of Latvia is its beautiful markets near the central staiton of Riga. It is amazing. I would like to show you but I coudnt show up pics so far…… Please wait. But I bet you love it.
    About duck Tongue,I havent tried it yet. How do you cook ?

  3. Hi,
    This Dim Sum restaurant looks great, I will be in London next month and would love to try the dim sum there. Do you maybe have the name and address of the restaurant? Thanks, Sandrine

  4. Hi Lao-Ocean, Duck Tongue is great, its tasty and has a great texture.

    Hi Maly, I am surprised that there are little Lao restaurants in California, I would have thought that there would be a few, especially with the number of Lao living there.

    Hi Madam Yang, you are in Riga, Lativia? OMG, I thought you were in Thailand. Are you doing a world tour? 😉

    Hi Elgin, yes, all my family cooks!

    Hi Sandrine, the restaurant we went to is not in Chinatown (too much hassle to find parking). It is in Greenwich at the Holiday Inn, its called The Peninsula Restaurant, its full of Chinese customers too, and that must be a good sign. Expect long queues during lunch hours and even longer ones during the weekend. Hope you enjoy London!

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