Adventures with Lobsters


A few friendly Lobsters arrived, destined to be enjoyed šŸ˜†

For the past few days, we have had 3 special Lobster dishes on offer.

Lobster Salad

Lobster Salad with Yuzu Vinaigrette and Coriander Oil with Flying Fish Roe.

We love the texture of the Flying Fish Roe, it adds a crunchiness and freshness to the Coriander Oil. Summer Lettuce and Herbs get a a tangy Yuzu dressing, and the Avocado (under the Lobster) adds creaminess.

Lobster Tomato Chutney

This is truly a Laotian inspired dish. Lobster with Tomato Chutney (JĆ©ow Mak Lhen). The aromatic chutney sits on top of Butter fried Spinach, the Lobster is “just” cooked so that it keeps its “freshness and natural sweetness”. Cold Skinned Blanched Cherry Tomatoes not only add colour, but also a refreshing bite.

To make the Cherry Tomatoes, simply cut an X in the bottom before plunging in to boiling water for a few seconds, followed by an Ice Bath, the skin then peels away easily. Store in the fridge until needed, or slow dry in an Oven for a few hours, allow to cool and store in a jar covered with Olive Oil. Slow Drying concentrates the lovely flavours.

Green Curry Lobster

Cherry Tomato also features in our last dish. Lobster Green Curry with Young Vegetables.

Baby Sweetcorn and Asparagus give this dish its crunchiness. The Green Curry sauce in this instance is lighter and less oily than conventional Curries, and is served cold, almost like a summer soup.

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