Eating Out

When we get a bit of time off, what do we do, well, we eat out!

Its great to be on the “other side” and have someone else cook and serve you, and it is also a welcome break from the hot kitchen environment.

Yesterday, Sen and Kuchi joined me for a long lunch.


However, there was a traffic, or shall I say “Cow Jam” on route.

Cow Jam 2

We decided to go to the nearby coastal town of Barbate (bar-bart-te), and to the well known restaurant El Campero.

Sen Kuchi

Kuchi Campero

Kuchi chooses his fish from the display.


We started off with some Conserves of Tuna in Oil. Various pieces of Tuna, either Air Dried, Boiled, or Smoked, all made in their kitchens. At first glance you would think that they just opened up a tin of supermarket fish, but after tasting the Conserves, you soon realise that everything is homemade and taste wonderful.

Carpaccio Campero

Asiatic influenced Carpaccio of Tuna, with Sesame and Ginger Dressing.


This may look like a meat steak, but it is actually a First Grade Tuna Steak, seared until medium rare.

Don Sen

After lunch we strolled down to the beach to soak up some rays and enjoyed a cold glass of beer or two, or three, or four… šŸ˜†


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