Grilled Tofu & Smoked Tuna Forehead

We love the texture of Tofu, especially Silken Tofu, which we dust with a little Corn Flour and Deep Fry so that the outer layer is crispy and gives way to the silkiness inside.

Grilled Tofu with Sweet Soy Dressing

Yakitori sauce is drizzled over just before serving.


We save the best cuts of Tuna for our Sushi and Sashimi, lovingly prepared by Kuchi and Saki.

However, sometimes we get hold of other interesting parts, in this case the “Morillos”, taken from the Forehead of the fish.

In Spain it is normally served grilled. Firstly, we too served ours grilled with a delicate Tobiko and Caviar Mayo, but then later experimented with Smoking it over some Olive Wood chips.

The result was very interesting.

Laocook Smoked Tuna Forehead

We made three different batches, one with a Dry Cure, one with a Wet Cure (brine) and one that was only seasoned before being smoked.

Out of the three, the Dry Cure produced the best flavour.

Smoked Tuna Forehead Laocook

Storing the Tuna in a light flavoured Olive Oil rendered the meat even more tender than it was when we started, without losing the “smokey” flavour.

Smoked Tuna in Oil Laocook

6 thoughts on “Grilled Tofu & Smoked Tuna Forehead

  1. Thanks Elgin.

    They are a mixture of Szechuan and (Maldon) Organic Black Peppercorns, also you will find Star Anise, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Dried Chillie and hidden somewhere in the bottom are Juniper Berries.

  2. I found your blog when surfing on the web seeking for Lao food. It is amzing. It looks so beautiful. Your dishes are rally art.
    To be honest,I am not good at cooking but I found it fun recently. I would like to learn a lot from this blog !
    best regards

  3. Hi, I was just browsing through and found your web site amazing. I have always wanted to open up a Lao restaurant and if I manage to do so the cuisines will resemble your pictures. I’m wondering are you offering an internship in the winter? I’d love to do it then, be a great opportunity to learn from such amazing cooks. I have no real experience besides cooking since I was little and what I study right now does not relate any ways to business but after my undergraduate is my goal of an MBA so maybe then I will acheive that dream.


  4. Welcome Sai and thanks for the wonderful comments, it would be an honour for us to see our dishes at your restaurant.

    Email us nearer the time when you are considering the Internship and we will see what we can do.

  5. Hola Madam Yang, and thanks for the nice comments.

    We are glad that you find cooking fun, its a great job that we enjoy doing, and if the site helps you, we have achieved our goal.

    Stay tuned, we will be posting more recipes soon.


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