Internship with

For the first time, we are offering Internships with Laocook.

We are based in southern Spain, in the 5 star Fairplay Golf Hotel & SPA,
a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

We are offering Interships for both Kitchen and Restaurant Service staff.

Though the 3 month Interships are unpaid, accomadation and meals will be provided.

The starting dates will be around mid-July and will finish mid-September.

The Internships would suit those who are looking to start a career in Hotels & Catering,
or for those who are intrested in gaining experience.

EU Nationals do not need a Work Permit to work in Spain.

(edit: Darly has just informed me that, U.S & Canadian citizens can study abroad in the EU for 90 days and do not require a Visa.)

Applicants should be able to swim (at some point, you will be thrown in to the pool! 😉 )


14 thoughts on “Internship with

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  2. U.S citizens can do study abroad in the EU for 90 days and not required to have a Visa. This would apply to work study and internship too.

    Our Canadian friends are also entitled to the same exceptions.

    Why do they need to know how to swim? Be nice and don’t throw them into the deep end of the pool. 😛

    For those of you out there that are thinking about this great opportunity. Stop thinking and inquire within. You can always sit at home and do nothing and watching the summer goes by or be brave and get out of your backyard, your comfort zone and do something for yourself.

    I can only do dishes, is the position available? 🙂

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  4. ດີແລ້ວໄດ້ ທີ່ ນັ້ນ ຈະໄປຊີ້ມ ລາບກ້ອຍລາວ ດົນແລ້ວບໍໄ້ກີນ

  5. Hello what is CV? I really want to intern, I already know how to cook but this seems like a great opportunity. I’ve been cooking since I was little but wow this would be on the top of my greatest opportunity!I say just pick me, lol.


  6. CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. In the US, an employer would request your resume. In EU, an employer would ask for your CV.

    In short, a CV is a summary of your career history. You would list your qualities, skills, and experiences.

  7. Or shall I say, quiero trabajar en su cocina! Okay, my Spanish isn’t good but by July it’ll be PERFECT.

  8. Hi,I’m very interested in this internship.

    How do I apply? Where do I send my CV?

    Hoping for your immediate reply.


  9. I love enjoy cooking most of my life but only at home, however, I would love to be given the opportunity to help serve others. I have worked in the restaurant/hospitality business for more than ten years. I’m a recent graduate in Linguistics and Spanish.This would be a great experience for me to enhance my Spanish and cooking. Where do I start?

  10. it might be to late for me to apply but i’m interested in doing internship for next year. for those of you that got an internship with them please let us know how it goes. thanks.

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