Business as Usual

Its Business as usual for Laocook.

I have managed to repost most of the photos from the posts that were recovered by Darly, with a few exceptions (mostly from October 2006), most of Laocook is back. 🙂

Anyway, lets move on.


Summer Rolls Laocook

Summer Rolls. Sheets of Vietnamese Rice Paper, filled with vegetables and poached Spring Chicken, served with Basil Oil and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Light and extremely easy to eat, especially if you add crushed peanuts to the sauce! 😉


The Amuse Bouche for last night ,Titanic Won Ton.

Titanic Won Ton

Okay, there is an evident sense of humour in the kitchens 😛

Chicken Won Tons, folded in to boat shapes then deep fried. Caramelised Onions are added to a light stock along with some Chives.

Titanic Won Ton 2

All we need now is an Iceberg and annoying soundtrack 😆

2 thoughts on “Business as Usual

  1. Glad it’s back. All very nice dishes. The rolls look very loose. Did you do that on purpose?

    I can see how it would yield a lighter result. Those things can be filling!

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