Restoring Laocook


Sadly some of the photos that accompanied some posts cannot be found, and as you know, I am having to repost all the photos from last August. The reason for this is that a few of the photos were taken especially for the site, and uploaded to the server (for safe keeping!).

Therefore I have decided to “crop” the site a little and remove some posts. This will mean that there will be some chronological gaps on the site, and some posts will have some parts removed.

For new visitors, this will not matter much (and you may wonder what this and the last post is all about!), but for regular visitors, I can only apologise.



2 thoughts on “Restoring Laocook

  1. OMG! What is up with us? But to tell you the truth I did store a few photos on the server too while I was on the road but downloaded them afterward. When it comes to photos I don’t trust any server or media hosting company.

    I can’t believe that you don’t have the original pictures on your puter!

    Please don’t delete the postings without the photos. Just edit them and explain the missing photos. It’s part of LC history and also for google search.

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