Oh S***


You know when people tell you to “Back Up” your work, “just incase something bad happens”, well guess what!?

The server hosting Laocook.com and our sister sites received the follow message.

“Your server has experienced a rather severe RAID / Hard drive malfunction and will need to be restored from available backup data. A new OS is being prepared at this point in time and we will begin a restore from backup when the initial preparations have been completed.”

Hmm, okay, that is unfortunate and we are down. But our hoster prouds itself on its extensive backup facilities. All will be well..at least..that is what we thought until we got the next message from our technician:

“Unfortunately during the restore we noticed that the backups for the server were all corrupt and unusable…”

Hmmm, several 4 letter words spring to mind 😉

Luckily for us, Darly found a few RSS Feeds and was able to bring back some of our pages. She also did a Back Up of nearly all the sites last August (before changing to Server “Titanic” 😉 )

Working all through the night, she has painstakingly put back together the majority of Laocook.com, though we are sad to say that most of your comments (since the last Back Up) have been lost.

However, we are still here and ask you to be patient whilst we repost the missing photos, and piece back together the site and restore it to what it was.

In the meantime, the site may look a bit jumbled up 😕


One thought on “Oh S***

  1. Oh, shoot, that picture almost gave me a heart attack, lol.

    Yes, the big task is for you to post the pics again. As for the comments, well all is not lost. We can still repost them one by one. 🙂 There is always google’s cache of comments and also backup in your email.

    It’s like taking out a sticky rice basket and weaving it back piece by piece.

    I always feared something like this so I tend to back up now and then. But the whole point of paying extra money for their backup system and trusting them to keep your data was for piece of mind. Of course it didn’t help that my laptop was fried before Christmas.

    Good thing for an external hard drive that I have. That is still not good since one of them died on me before.

    But I shall not whine and just keep on rebuilding. 🙂

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