Giant Won Ton in Cauliflower Soup

Okay, its not really that gigantic, but it is a rather large Won Ton or Ravioli.

Our Won Ton is stuffed with Lobster, Water Chestnuts and Herbs.

Laocook Cauliflower Soup

We decided to serve it in a light warm Cauliflower Soup (which is also great when served cold).

Semi Dried Tomato adds a natural sweet note, and the Coriander and Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only adds colour, it also adds a nutty finish.

Lobster Won Ton

The Cauliflower Soup is made with freshly cut and boiled florets, mixed with a light Chicken Stock. It is seasoned and blitzed before being sieved, you can add cream if you want a soup with more “body”.

For the Won Ton, a whole Lobster is boiled for 3 to 4 minutes, and the meat removed (the Chef gets to eat the head! 🙂 )

It is then mixed with some minced Chicken, Shallots, a little egg white, Water Chestnuts and freshly cut Coriander and Garlic Chives. The mixture is placed on a Won Ton sheet, which is covered with another sheet, sealed then trimmed to resemble a circle.

The filled Won Tons are then blanched in a light Chicken Stock and reserved until needed.

For the Semi Dried Tomatoes, the skin is removed and the whole fruit is baked at 90 degrees for 4 to 5 hours, allowed to cool, then cut in to segments.

(Reserve any juices that seep out when baking, the juice has a wonderful concentrated natural sweet flavour, ideal for salad dressings or freezing in small cubes and used to liven up a Gazpacho or any other cold soup)

For the Coriander Oil, we blanched a handful of leaves and stems and then gave them an Ice Bath, squeezed them dry then blitzed it all with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

To serve, warm through the Cauliflower soup, in a separate pan, bring the Chicken Stock to the boil then add the par-cooked Won Tons (precooking saves time).

Ladle some soup in to a warm dish, add the Won Ton and Tomato and drizzle over some Coriander Oil. Eat. Enjoy. 🙂

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