More New Dishes

It is a busy time in the Laocook Kitchens. The restaurant has been full everynight lately, so we must be doing something right…. 🙂

Though our menu is fixed (at the moment), we still have time to indulge in making New Dishes.

Tuna Tartare Reworked

You will have seen our Tuna Toro Tartare served in Cones in previous posts, this time we thought that we would rework it and serve it in a crispy potato circle. Avocado sits at the bottom whilst Yuzu Dressed Tuna Toro (the best part) sits neatly on top.

The actual size (diameter) of the Amuse Bouche is no bigger than a 2 Euro coin, just enough to get the appetite going. 😉

Scarlet Prawn Laocook with Tamarind Dressing

Scartet Prawns can grow as big as your hand. They have an extremely delicate flesh and a wonderful flavour. Costing more per kilo than Lobsters, the best part is the head.

In our dish, the tail has been seperated and cleaned, the head steamed and the tail end cooked in clarified butter. The “legs” have been removed and deep-fried. To finish the dish, the sauteed tail is tossed with Tamarind and Fish Sauce Dressing, before being served on top of the head, the deep fried “legs” add a crunchy texture to the sour yet sweet tail, which is just undercooked, so that it retains its fantastic texture and natural sweetness.

Extra Tamarind and Fish Sauce Dressing is poured over before leaving the Kitchen. A teaspoon is provided so that our diners can scoop out the lovely meat inside the head.


Our work not only entails produce for the ASIA Restaurant, we also prepare foods for our other sectors.

Khamsene, Second Chef, is the backbone of the A Team.

Pork is a prized meat in Spain, and Khamsene´s Smoked Pork Leg is a labour of love.

Smoked Pork Leg Laocook

The leg is deboned, and left to sit in our special brine for 3 days before being smoked, and lightly roasted.

Pork Leg Laocook

It is then scored then given a Honey, Tamarind and Mustard glaze.

Laocook Pork Leg

Cloves are then added, before it is ready for serving.

Laocook Pork Leg Finished

Served cold, and thinly sliced it makes a great dish for Brunch.

(We must admit, we sneak of slices and make Sandwiches with lashings of “Jéow Bong” and Pickled Cucumbers)



Its not always work, work, work. Sometimes we get the chance to just relax and get someone else to do the cooking.

Kuchi King Crab

Kuchi enjoys a lunch with King Crab.



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