New Dishes

Lately we have been trying out some new dishes for our upcoming menu.

Everyone likes Larb Gai (Laotian Chicken Salad), its easy to eat and has the wonderful aroma of Pounded Roasted Sticky Rice.

Mini Larb Gai

Most people use a blender to “blitz” the Roasted Sticky Rice (which is actually Dry Pan Fried), but we always use a Pestle and Mortar, the end result is less “powdery”, and the Rice still has a certain crunchiness.

Laocook Asparagus Spears with Smoked Salmon

We love Asparagus, which we simply blanch. The worst crime anyone can do with vegetables is to overcook them. Overcooked veggies suffer from lack of colour, flavour and vitamins.

The spear is wrapped in Home Smoked Salmon and Cucumber strips, Onions and cut Lime wedges are used as garnishes.

Kemou Chicken Laocook

Our “Kemou Chicken”, a hot firery dish, so called because (it is said) that when arriving home after a few drinks, hungry cooks would fry up a dish and add copious amounts of chillies.

Sesame Beef Laocook

Beef grilled medium served with Sesame Mustard Sauce. A kind of fusion dish that uses grilled Beef Fillet, served on top of Onion rings and topped with a Mustard Soy based sauce with Sesame Seeds and Oil. All our Beef dishes are cut before being served, that way they can be eaten with Chopsticks.



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