Plants & Herbs

Photos for this post were unfortunately lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

Last September I planted some seeds that Darly gave to the A Team.

I planted them indoors, first on top of the fridge until they emerged, then I transferred them near the window.

When they are strong enough, they will eventualy be planted at the A Team´s house for everyone to enjoy.

Chillies are easy to grow.

Some of them have already started to flower.

They need a good amount of sunlight, so a place near large windows is perfect. Taking them outside for a few minutes everyday will make them stronger, and when they get used to being outdoors, they can be planted in the garden, and before you know it, you will have Chillies all over the place.

Only a few Papayas made it, out of 13 seeds, I have about 4 small plants, which I think are either from Mexico or Brazil.

The biggest surprise was the emergance of the Kaffir Lime plant, out of 30 seeds, only one made it, and it is much adored by the A Team.


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