LCTV: Frog Legs

Frog Legs taste reminiscent of Chicken, but have a softer texture. We mostly like to Deep Fry our Frog Legs in Batter, or Pan Fry them with Garlic, Fresh Peppercorns and Olive Oil.

Frog Legs also taste great in “Aw”, or Laotian Stew.

Laocook Frog Leg Stew

“Aw” can either be a Dry Stew, or Wet one, it all depends on how much Stock you use. We prefer our “Aw” on the drier side, especially as you need your fingers to eat the legs.

The Stew can be made with any meat that you like, and a Wet Stew would be great with some Pork Belly (Moo Sam Sun, Three Layered Pork), like mentioned above, just add more Stock and simmer until the meat is tender.

“Aw” also benefits from being made the night before, as the flavours will be intensified. If you have some Laotian Aubergines (Pea Aubergine), add those too!

Below is our LCTV Presentation of Laotian Frog Leg Stew. We hope that you enjoy it and will try the recipe, its easier than it looks.



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