Ballotine of Pork and other Starters

Ballotine of Pork, is French in origin, and better known in Laos as “Yhor”. It can be enjoyed in Sandwiches, “Yum´s” or on its own.

Laocook Ballotine

Our version, made by Khamhoung uses Bacon Rind in place of boiled Pig Skin, which we think gives the “Yhor” a smokey flavour.


Laocook Sweetcorn Soup

Our Sweetcorn Soup, a favourite in many Chinese restaurants. A dash of Chilli Oil mixed with Shallot Oil is added just before serving, as is chopped Coriander.


Laocook Yakisoba

Yakisoba with Crispy Sweet Potato. Served as a “Tapas” with Vegetables, has truly a Japanese origin. This dish is served luke warm.


Laocook Goong Che Nam Pla

New Style Goong Che Nam Pla makes a return. This is one of our favorite dishes that started off much different to what we serve now. It is still a diners favourite and perhaps the most requested dish on our menu, even when its off the menu!.


Laocook Lobster Dumplings

Lobster and Lobster Roe Dumplings. Steamed then Pan-fried, the Dumplings have a soft yet crunchy texture. Inside is Lobster Meat, Lobster Roe, Shallots and Garlic Chives. The sauce is Mirin, Saké, Dark Soy and Sesame based.


Laocook VS Chicken

“XO Sauce” plays a big influence on our “VS Chicken” dish. The sauce is made from Dried Shrimp, Jamón Pata Negra (1st Quality Iberian Ham), Chillies, Shallots, Garlic and a touch of Padek.

Briefly Blanched Asparagus adds a crunch to the dish. In our search for a name for the dish, the only name we could come up with was “Very Special Chicken”, hence the name “VS Chicken”!

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