LCTV: Let´s Make Mok Pa

Laocook Mok Pa

Mok Pa, steamed fish in Banana Leaf.

White fish is great for absorbing the seasonings and flavours, we have used Seabass and Hake Roe (which gives it more body). If you cannot get hold of a Banana Leaf you can use Tin Foil (Aluminium Foil, Silver Foil).



5 thoughts on “LCTV: Let´s Make Mok Pa

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  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could help me find outt he English name of an herb that is used in Lao cooking. My mom uses it in her Mok Ba recipe, it’s called Pak E-du or E-Thuu. Someone told me it’s lemon verbena but the pictures on the internet don’t look like it, unless there’s a Laotian version.
    Thank you.

  3. Hola Catzie.
    You´ll probably get more information if you look for it under its Thai name “Bai Maengluk”, which is also spelled “Bai Mangluk”, “Bai Maeng-luck”, “Bai Mangluk” etc….
    It is also known as Lemon Basil, or Hairy Basil (the former sounds better eh? :biggrin: )
    Hope that helps, and thanks for visiting the site!

  4. Thank you Vienne! It will make it easier for me to ask for this herb, should they stopped carrying it at the local grocery store.
    BTW is that you narrating? You have an interesting accent, are you English or did you grow up there? I’m curious to know where the other pockets of Lao people live in the world.
    Anyway, thanks again for your recipes – your dishes for Fairplay also look very delicious. I’d like to try to find out what Lao-infused gourmet tastes like, maybe I can take a trip when I go on my San Sebastian food tour.

  5. Hola Catzie,
    Glad that I could help. Yes thats my voice on the video, and yes, I grew up in London, where my parents settled soon after I was born.
    If you ever find yourself in the south of Spain, theres always a special menu waiting for you…. :biggrin:

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