Laocook Amuse Bouche

Small titbits served before the meal proper. Used to whet the appetite and get it ready for things to follow.

What have we been serving over the past few days?

Baby Chicken Pancakes laocook

Baby Chicken in Pancakes. A take on the Crispy Aromatic Duck theme that found its way on to the top of the Starters list of many Chinese restaurants. Instead of using duck, we opted for Baby Chicken (Spring Chicken), which had been simmered in Sweet Soy Sauce. Hoisin is mixed with Spanish Honey and used as a sauce.


Braised Pork Rib Laocook

Braised Pork Rib. Deboned and served with Pickled Greens and a Tangy Tamarind Sauce. “Crispy Seaweed” adds a nutty aroma and goes well with the sour vegetables.


Lao Bisque

Lao Bisque. Kitirat´s version of a Bisque, made with Stewed Roasted Prawn Heads. Blanched Squid is added as well as Chilli Oil to give the Bisque an added “kick”.


Vientinae Suki

Vientiane Suki. Khamsene´s homage to the “Suki” he misses from “back home”. The delicate flavour was a hit with our diners, and a few even asked for a second helping… 🙂


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