LCTV Som Pak

Som Pak, or to be precise in our LCTV Presentation, Som Calumbee (Soured Cabbage).

Laocook Som  Pak

You can make this dish with most vegetables, but we find that the Cabbage keeps a nice firm texture.

It will be ready to eat after 24 hours, though the flavour is more intense after 36.

You can also add some boiled Beef or Pig Foot, which should be well cleaned, boiled, allowed to cool then cut in to thin strips. We have omitted meats in our version, preferring to show you our basic recipe.

You can play around with the amount of ingredients to suit your personal taste.

Once soured enough to your liking, place in the fridge and consume within 4 to 5 days at the most.



8 thoughts on “LCTV Som Pak

  1. Delightful pictures. I would welcome your cooks in my house everyday.That is not probable so I may have to come to you.Thanks for a great website and may you have continued success.

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  3. Hi, how much salt, garlic, chives,sticky rice and rice water do I use for a whole cabbage? I know Laotians don’t measure but approximately how much?
    Thanks a lot!!

  4. Thank you. I tried it and I think I put in too much sticky rice and also not enough water.
    I appreciate it though. I love this site and visit it often since I love to cook. Did you guys finish the added room from the garage?

  5. Hola Maly, and sorry for the late reply, its been very hectic. We made another batch of Som Cabbage and the weights are as follows.

    1600g Cabbage
    200g Spring Onion
    50g Salt
    150g Chives
    125g Chopped Garlic
    125g Cooked Rice
    600ml Rice Water (made by soaking cooked rice in water)
    15 Chillies

    Firstly, chop the Cabbage and Spring Onion in to bite sized pieces, add salt and allow to rest for about 15 mintues(the salt will soften the vegetables).

    Meanwhile, wearing gloves squeeze the Cooked Rice with the Chopped Garlic so that the rice grains break up. Add the Garlic and Rice mixture to the Cabbage and Spring Onion. Add the Chives.

    Now slowly massage the Cabbage mixture, adding a little of the Rice Water. The secret to a good Som, is not to mix too hard or too soft.

    Keep adding the Rice Water, making sure that you cover every bit of the Cabbage pieces. Finally add the Chillies and place the entire mixture in to a clean box for storage, making sure that the Rice Water is covering the Cabbage pieces. Place the Som in a cool dark place, like a cupboard for 2 days, though you should taste it the following day to see how fermented it has become. After 2 days, or when it is fermented to your taste, store it in the fridge and eat within three days.

    Hope that helps.

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