King Crab with Pork Dumplings and Coconut Panna Cotta with Pandan Jelly

Regular visitors will know by now about our love for King Crab, and we are seeing it appear more and more in our Supermarkets.

Laocook King Crab Dumpling

Our Dumplings are filled with King Crab strands and bound together with a little fatty Pork, which has been seasoned with Coriander and Fish Sauce, it is then steamed and served as an Amuse Bouche with a Soy based sauce.


Laocook Pandan Pannacotta

Pandan Leaves have an amazing aroma, and remind us of home. Pastry Chef Akiyama Mansanori put together a wonderful Coconut Panna Cotta topped with Pandan Jelly.

Not overly sweet, the “creaminess” of the Coconut goes well with the Pandan, and on the palate, the Coconut is subtle and the Pandan leaves a nice finishing after taste, almost wisp like.


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