What´s Cooking? Brava Beef, Tuna Cones and “Slug Sushi”

Photos for this post were unfortunately lost when the Server crashed on May 23 2007.

Its not all work and no play at the Laocook Kitchens. Recently we had a night off and some of us ventured out to eat some “Vaca Brava”.

A nice Restaurant (Los Monteros) and wonderful Enate Crianza Red Wine.

Deep Red Vaca Brava, cooked “Vuelta y Vuelta” (rare, blue). (Though it must be said, Kit wanted his “Medium”)


Meanwhile in the Kitchens, Tuna Cones make a reappearance.

Dressed with Yuzu Vinaigrette and Avocado dice, they are, so, so easy to eat…

We serve 2 or 3 Cones per person as an Amuse Bouche. The Cones are made from Spring Roll Paper that has been fried in Aluminium Paper shaped as….. you guessed it…. Cones.

Once deep fried, and whist still hot, the Cones are dusted with Salt and Caster Sugar.


Slug Sushi

Okay, we are not eating slugs!.

Our “Slug Sushi” are made from Tuna and Salmon, cut to resemble “Slugs”. This way, you can dip the Nigiri Sushi in Soy Sauce without wetting the Vinagered Rice (just dip the “Tail” in the Soy Sauce!, and “Viola”, “Robert is your Mother´s Brother” (maybe only our British viewers will get that joke)(”Bob´s your Uncle!”))

Anyway, many top and “real traditional” Japanese Restaurants have been serving their Nigiri Sushi this way for ages, so why shouldn´t we?

Our Rice Pillows are smaller and the cuts of fish are larger, this way we can offer our diners more added “Value for Money”. Next time you venture out for Sushi, take a look at what is on offer, if you get copious amouts of rice, yet little topping, something is wrong….

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